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arsenic, champagne & old lace

{cary grant style}

rosie mcdaid
17 November

"But it might be written differently somewhere else," said Crowley. "Where you can't read it."
"In bigger letters," said Aziraphale.
"Underlined," Crowley added.
"Twice," suggested Aziraphale.

-- from good omens by terry pratchett & neil gaiman

[...] of doom, absolutely godawful puns, aegean punk, amy's harem, archlings, arsenal, aziraphale/crowley, being excellently insane, blackadder, bluffing-my-way-through-russian, boring georgia interstates, cary elwes pulling-faces-at-sheep, catch-22, churchill's in savannah, creator-issues, curing rufus' sad, dancing with goats, dancydancydancy, daniel/lewis, douglas adams, elliott smith, ensuring chelsey's snake's locked-up, even more subtle stalking, fatal kidney-punching books, fibsys, finwian lemurs, frodo baggins: weta's-greatest-invention, fuck happy endings, fun-reading, gay boys and ghosts, general non-existence of things, grubby arthurian knights, harry potter au, hating the shoebox project, hephaistion/alexander, hippy nerd commune (onthemoonwithcheese), his dark materials, jeff buckley, john donne, john keats, john mayer, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, jonny wilkinson, keeping georgia peachy clean!!, lewis jeremy knightley, lewis/daniel, maraudinghordesofwildgarlic, monty python, newly non-existent states, nijelyn/jeassinae, not the shoebox project, oglethorpe & abercorn, opening/closing things responsibly, parking garage(s) of doom, paul bettany, pelting strangers with 1-euro-cents, rabastan on the beach, ralph fiennes, ralph lanyon/laurie 'spud' odell, reading-chelsey's-ireland-novel, rufus wainwright, rufus' huggable coat, rugby, savannah: america's gayest city, screw chronological writing, singingfinlandacrossthebaltic, spanish moss of doom, straight men (right), surviving in moscow, taking-over-the-world-with-chelsey, the charioteer, the frames, the littlest lestrange, touching-famous-singers-in-inappropriate-places, tour guide rps, troy/andrew, vassily-alsooo-vassilevich, velvet goldmine, walking streak of sex, werewolf pr0n, writing {whisperback}, {whisperback}